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Re: A New Modern Trek Animated Series

In another thread in the SF/F forum CW Head Mark Pedowitz said this...

About 'Ringer' going from CBS to CW...
All this is on top of the highly anticipated return of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” queen Gellar in the network’s new thriller “Ringer,” inherited from CBS, which did not pick it up. And he said the show would not suffer “one bit” from the different budget of a smaller network.
So a Trek series on CW shouldn't suffer too much right?

Remakes and superhero shows...
But with a new president -- Pedowitz , a former ABC exec, replaced Dawn Ostroff earlier this year -- comes new possibilities. Pedowitz said he was a fan of remakes, citing “90210” as success, and said plans for a new superhero to charm audiences in a “Smallville”-less world was still to come. Ostroff had first hinted at last year’s TCA press tour that the network was looking to other DC superheroes to fill the void.

“We’re looking next year to do superheroes,” he said. “If the right superheroes comes to be.”
If they are looking into doing a superhero show...why not also look into doing a "remake" of Star Trek?

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