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Re: What games are you playing currently?

I've been doing lots of zombie slaying in CoD: Black Ops.

And yesterday... oh man... I was having this gorgeous run... playing the Call of the Dead map... Wave 20, both the HK21 and RPK packed, Perka-Colas were Quick Revive, Jugger-nog, Stamina Up and PhD Flopper... going for the trophy for freeing the original characters... completed the third step for the solo trophy and did this gorgeous dive off the stairs into the middle of a mass of zombies and... the damned perk chokes, doesn't go off and the zombies just danced all over me. Sure, I had 30k points and it was my first death and I could have just run back and repurchased all my perks but I was so pissed at the choke I just quit out.
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