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Re: World War Z premiere to coincide with end of the world

timothy wrote: View Post
I like the date for the movie but I have never read the book so I gues I going to have to.
Definitely, read it before the movie. I doubt they'll be able to cover all the vignettes in the book (it's essentially a collection of short-story "memoires" from the zombie wars.)

is there a trailer yet?
Believe me, that will get posted fast the minute it shows up!

Man imagine coming out of the movie theater as a real zombie outbreak happened.
I smell...sequel!

timothy wrote: View Post
how is this compared to either zombieland or the walking dead form amc?
The novel takes a great approach - every chapter is a different person recounting their role in the zombie wars. There's a huge range of types, experiences, geographic areas, and no doubt the movie will have to focus on four or five at most. The characters don't know each other and their stories don't really intersect. It just creates a huge mosaic of a global event.
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