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Re: Digital comics are they worth it ? disscussion and comments:

I don't save 90% of the comics I read so I don't need hard copies. And the iPad screen is a great way to read them.

There is also currently, at least at DC, a series of releases of old books that I read when I was a kid (for example: O'Neil/Adams Bat titles, the Wein-Dillon JLA series) that I enjoy looking at for nostalgia purposes.

Meanwhile, the local comic book shop I've frequented for nearly thirty years is turning into a place where the books I want are sold out, the books I don't care about are filling up the rack, my ever-shrinking pull list is often screwed up and my store owner whines constantly about how no one shops there, while at the same time saying he doesn't want to waste money trying to advertise to bring in new readers.

Conversely, with my iPad and the day and date program, I can download the few books I still read from the big two and read them whenever I feel like it, including on a plane without lugging a stack of books with me.

I'm definitely moving more and more towards e-comics.
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