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Re: CW Looking For "The Right Hero"?

The Buffy remake is a movie, and what I'm describing wouldn't be recognizable as belonging to the Buffy universe, because I was thinking of The Vampire Diaries when I wrote that. I just took TVD and added a superhero character to it, while being careful to keep to the CW style.

If Buffy fans think of TVD as a Buffy ripoff, I haven't heard about it, but apparently it's just "Buffy minus superhero element." It even has a vampire hunter in it, but he's a grownup guy and he kinda sucks at his job, at least thru S1 which is all I've seen.

If describing the formula of one show accidentally maps to the formula of an entirely different show, that just goes to show that it's a solid formula that could be used successfully in any range of shows without any fan uprising due to new shows being a copycat.

One of the reasons why Buffy was a successful show was because of her creator and the people that he put in place to write her adventures. It wasn't just executing a "formula".
It might have not been the reason for the show's success, but there's no denying that there's a formula there. Otherwise, how could I describe the formula at the heart of one show and have you recognize that formula a different show that I've never seen and therefore couldn't describe?
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