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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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Loved that bit asking "Have we been in Nog's quarters since he made chief engineer?" I would imagine they are his own, but probably smaller than the duplex he shared with Jake.
Yeah, that's what I figured too. When Jake left the station to go work at B'Hala, and Nog got promoted to Chief Engineer, that's when he would have moved quarters.

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Now having read episode 10x03 in its entirety, I have ask now when 10x01 takes place in relation to The Soul Key? The Memory Beta chronology places that novel in early 2377 / early Season 7 of Voyager (not that such a placement is carved in stone).
Well, see, this is where I decided to complicate matters.

As described in the novels themselves, the stories so far have taken place in little more than a year of "real" time. But when I was adapting the novels into screenplays for seasons 8 and 9, it clearly made up at least 2 seasons worth of television (and that's with cutting stuff out). Since the general rule of thumb on TV was always that 1 season approximately equals 1 year, I decided to go with the idea that the time from Avatar to Soul Key had been two years, not one. 2 seasons equals two years. I never really saw why the stories needed to be crammed in so tight to begin with.

So I'm going by the rule that DS9 season 10 runs parallel with VOY season 8 - that is, after it comes home, with Homecoming and The Farther Shore. Hence the references to Voyager's return, to it being Rebecca's first birthday already (even though she was only born in Unity), to it being two years since Winn went missing, and so on.

So, "Emancipation" picks up immediately after "Ha'mara" (aka, The Soul Key, part 2). But because The Soul Key takes place a year later in my own personal chronology than it does according to Memory Beta, that still makes it level with the post-series VOY-R.

If it helps, I can tell you that this season will also take up one year, and that by the end of it, TNG's A Time to... series will be about to start.

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