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DS9 Relaunch: Do I need to read the comics?

Hello Trekkies!

I'm Antonio. I watched DS9 until the end for the third (or fourth?)time through syndication on Space Canada this summer. And I finally decided that I missed the series enough that I read Andrew Robinson's A Stitch in Time. I loved it, and decided to dive into the DS9 relaunch novels. I've already read the Avatar Duology, and Abyss.

I haven't been able to find ANY of these books in stock, so I've been getting them as Ebooks for my Kobo. My problem is, according to the reading order I found online, the next title in order is "Divided we Fall," a four part miniseries comic book series. AFAIK, I can't download comics anywhere online.

My Question (without spoilers, please): if I skip the comics, and go straight to the next novel, am I going to miss anything significant in the grand story arc of the relaunch? Should I wait until I can order them, or go on to the next novel?

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions! I will hopefully have more insightful posts in here in the future!
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