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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

I'm watching the first season of Enterprise. I just finished Vox Sola. This is the vein I wanted Star Trek to go--seeking out new life, consequences to it, etc--but the ending was anti-climatic. Communicating with the creature is just plugging in formulas to the UT and as soon as we communicate, it lets our people go. We never know what is said. We never develop any feelings of compassion for the creature. I didn't like that the characters were aware of the words of Zephram Cochrane. Would you pontificate on that if you were connected to a creature like this? Like much of Enterprise, it's a very basic story. There's not a complex plot to watch here. I have no idea why we are watching Water Polo (it could've been about Trip and Archer's friendship with each other but it doesn't make it there) or why, in the middle of the crisis, we have T'Pol and Hoshi snipping at each other. It doesn't fit within the story of the show. Like most of Enterprise, it's just filler. Useless and boring charcter moments that show why this version is so bland. Meanwhile, we see very little of the doctor. I am interested in the patient in sickbay. This is how to establish a dialogue or an understanding of the creature. We don't get anything out of this except another forced moment when Star Trek stands on its morals about how to treat life. I was impressed with the first 9 episodes or so of this show. But my opinion is fastly becoming worse and worse. There are a lot of wasted moments. One of the worst was Oasis. We spent ten minutes, a fourth of the episode, just talking about a haunted ship. They said "Oh, it's haunted!" about ten or fifteen times. Whether it's seeing someone's shadow or talking about how the ship hadn't been stripped of its ore, or the music (how annoying!). I figured out they were holograms--no kidding--15 minutes before it was revealed in the show. The dialogue is stupid. The characters act stupidly. And the big character moment with Trip and T'Pol--Vulcans don't become afraid. After Fusion, this is a stupid moment.

Don't watch Enterprise. That's the moral of the story. It's not worth it. It's stupid Star Trek.
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