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Re: special features wishlist for TNG-R Blu-ray

A gag reel in HD.
Surely the assistant editors will be looking through footage and may find some of funny things. They can have it telecined.

Also I'd like to see some alternate takes with production dialogue. This would really show the Paramount Trek production process but would also require getting the original 1/4" tape production audio reels transferred to digital and sync with newly transferred film.
Some TV series show extended scenes or alternate takes on DVDs as special features. 'ER' is one of those shows. I don't think they want to spend additional money doing that at all.

TOS, TNG, DS9, & VOY disappointed me on the DVDs with no commentaries except "The Trouble with Tribbles" with writer David Gerrold on the TOS s.1 Blu-ray.
By 2005 though DVD had a lot of special features on most discs for complete season sets and ENT had commentaries on a handful of episodes each season when they released it in 2005.
With this TNG-R Blu-ray release in 2012 I'm expecting great things to get fans to double (and triple) dip. VHS, DVD, Blu-ray. With many people streaming video of movies and TV series when you actually purchase the Blu-ray disc not only do you get better video/audio quality you get the special features including commentaries and multiple audio language options.
If "Mad Men" can have Audio commentaries by cast and crew for each and every episode of the show on BD & DVD and sometimes 2 then TNG-R can have them too. It's one of the cheapest special features to create and long lasting enjoyment for fans and rewatchability. The fans DO want cast & crew commentaries. Sometimes the writer, sometimes the director, sometimes the editor, sometimes the producer. This is the only chance CBS is getting to redo the home video release in high definition so they should give it all they have to have more ways to sell it.

I want a 15 minute featurette on the restoration process and creation of new VFX for the TNG-R episodes similar to the TOS-R
'Spacelift: Transporting Trek into the 21st Century' (HD 20 min.) " interviews with the team that updated the special effects and remastered the series for re-release, and demonstrations of their work. "

Come on hardcore TNG Trek fans would want to see some 'unprinted takes' that were shot for scenes with improv dialog or alternate line readings from actors, or a wide master shot of a whole scene without edits.
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