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Al Gough Says "Smallville" Finale "Was Confusing"

Gough copped to not keeping up on the show, especially during the past year as he groomed ABC's Angels, so he "thought a lot of [the series finale] was confusing." But, he allows, "It's hard to wrap up any show that's gone 10 years, and I think they did the best they could."
Gough confirmed for me that back when he and Miles Millar (also an EP on Angels) first launched Smallville, "The final image was always [Clark Kent] suiting up [as Superman] and flying away - but back in the day there was going to be more of thing with him and Lex (played by Rosenbaum).... It all came down to the Lex-Clark dynamic." Gough said that even though "it was always a dance" with Warner Bros.' feature film division as to how much Superman imagery the TV series could evoke, he and Millar always had the green light to, when the time eventually came, bust out the Supersuit and send Clark to the sky.
Interesting...I am sure Al & Miles would have done things alot differently than Brian & Kelly the last 3 seasons.
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