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ENT Avatar Contest - The Catwalk/Tight Spaces

Previously in the Star Trek: Enterprise avatar contest...

HopefulRomantic wrote: View Post
The polls are closed, and Praetor_Shinzon's impressive stay at the top is over!

For Episode, congrats to od0_ital, the unofficial head of the I Hate To Win Club! Your humble contest runner came in second.

The Theme contest win goes to star, who has finally figured out how not to win the Episode contest and od0 gets puppy kissies along with his Golden Porthos.

Congrats to the grieving-- er, happy winners, and thanks to all for taking part!

I know you're chomping at the bit to take over, od0, so by all means, have at it.
star wrote: View Post
All right theme...Since the next episode is The Catwalk... How about "Tight Spaces"? As in the ENT characters in somewhat claustrophobic situations?
Thanks again for everyone who voted for Easily Amused Archer, and put Silick in second place for the villians contest...I know all the Shirtless Trip entries split that vote, but how did I do so well in the theme, too?!?

Anyway, new contest...

This week's episode is 'The Catwalk', where aliens trick the crew into campin' out in the ship's nacelles while navigatin' a hazardous part of space.

The theme, as chosen by star, will be "Tight Spaces". Let's see our heroes while they suffer from claustrophobia!

Entries will be accepted from now 'til Thursday-ish...I may be on the road a bit later this week, so ya know, good thing McDonald's has wifi.

All contest entries have to conform to board rules - up to 140x140 and 140KB if animated.

And remember, six entries or more & we can vote for two in each contest!

Good luck!

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