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Re: The Federation Must Die.

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No, there isn't. Defending the country doesn't give you the right to break the law.
So if obeying the law result in the country ceasing to exist, that preferable to breaking the law?

You're kidding right?

There's more than one ways to do things depending on what kind of results you are hoping for... Before anyone starts acting like a bunch of pigheaded morons, try to do the right thing. You always have choices, so pick the best one according to the situation. Don't think...I can't! If that's how you think you always have to break the laws when you are in the hot seat, then that's what you will always do, and the crime rate probably will increase by 200%. [chuckle] There are more than ways to do things. Think before you say and do something.
"This is not about who has the biggest gun or more powerful ships... A friend in power is a friend lost."
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