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Re: La-La Land Records Releasing a 3-CD Set of TNG Scores at Comic-Con

The CD signing that occurred at Creature Features in Sierra Madre on Saturday a lot of fun. It was great to finally meet Dennis and Jay. I have been able to meet and chat with Ron Jones on several occasions around town (Family Guy scoring session, jazz gig, TNG CD signing) and it's very cool to know that I have now met the top three composers on one of my favorite series, ST:TNG. Dennis and I talked about the sheer number of notes he's composed for the various Trek series, his music for GENERATIONS and also V: The Final Battle mini-series. Jay and I talked about concert music in general, that of Stravinsky and studying the scores themselves, plus his great music for DS9.

The 3-disc set itself is really stellar, no pun intended. It's so amazing to think that in the span of a year we've had all of Ron Jones's efforts on TNG released and now additional music from McCarthy, Chattaway, Steiner, Davis and Debney. It's a wealth of riches for fans of the series!

Personally, I'm happy to have more of McCarthy's early TNG scores on disc, since all we had until now was "Encounter at Farpoint". "Haven" is a lovely score and "Conspiracy" has some great, unsettling passages. The Chattaway disc has some real highlights as well. I thought I knew these scores well enough from episode viewings, but color me surprised at discovering the lovely and subtly melancholy themes he wrote for "The Host" and "The Perfect Mate", in addition to the bristling action in "Darmok", "Relics" and "Starship Mine" and sublime tones in "The Chase". It really makes for a great album listen, from start to finish.

Disc three I have only perused briefly, but the Steiner score kicks ass for sure!
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