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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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If there was ever an occasion where Picard and co DID run away out of fear, you'd have a case.
The "case" you're referring to is yours, not mine.

You are the only one here who's positing that the only possible scenario involving Borg victories in VOY would have had to look something like this:

- Voyager flies up to a planet, Borg are attacking
- Voyager runs away
- Borg win
- Roll credits

You have consistently disregarded with no good reason (other than your usual "the audience would hate it" bullshit) our repeated attempts to disclaim that case:
"Voyager doesn't stop the Borg or save the entire planet" does not have to mean "Voyager is completely ineffectual and ever last member of that species is assimilated." There are DOZENS of ways that a story along those lines could go (no I'm not going to list them all out, and no, failing to do so doesn't make me a hater).
Now, they might try something ELSE (get reinforcements, try and create a diversion, etc.) rather than just leave the people to their fate, but they wouldn't just attack. Neither would (or should) Voyager, in that situation, and there's no reason they couldn't have done one of those other things to try and help.
They weren't just spineless cowards, they were keeping priorities. Now, see if you can stretch that imagination and picture a similar scenario that could have happened in VOY, and you see our point.
showing a defeat doesn't preclude an eventual happy ending.
So it would seem, once again, that you are arguing with yourself. While some of us are actually trying to defend the show's potential, YOU are the one refusing to give VOY any chance, even hypothetically -- arguing that in every possible circumstance it would still fail and be hated.

We get it.

You hate VOY.
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