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Re: Supernatural Season One

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I had only seen bits and pieces of Supernatural and never cared for it in the past, but starting around Season Four I finally started to enjoy it, and by the time S5-6 came around I truly liked the show and looked forward to new episodes. So I've gone back and watched Season One... and it's pretty crappy...

The trademark humor that I love so much about the show is just not there. Also, Dean doesn't even get his Batman voice until towards the end of the season! And there's basically no storyline whatsoever, just a handful of "arc" episodes.
I started watching Supernatural this year. I borrowed the first season from a friend and was hooked, and bought the season 1-5 Blu ray boxset that's available in the UK. I just finished watching season 4 today and my feelings are the exact opposite of yours. I loved season one with a passion. I love the whole road trip aspect of the show. The different towns, different people, different threats each week.

As the seasons progressed the show has become less about that. Season 4 was extremely mythology heavy. More than half of the episodes was about the coming apocalypse and the involvement of the angels (and Castiel). I still love the show, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the earlier seasons.

And after hearing about the Dad so much for all those later seasons, he's pretty disappointing. I like the actor, but he's just kinda there, he doesn't really have a personality. Bobby is a much better mentor character.
Bobby actually says something similar to this in the season 4 finale. He tells Dean that his father was a coward because he ran away from Sam (and Dean) and that he is a better man than his father.

Do things get better in Season Two?
That depends. The mythology is expanded but it's still about hunting Azazel and figuring out what Azazel did to Dean and why.

When does Castiel first appear? He's my favorite character
First episode of season 4.
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