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Re: The Federation Must Die.

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I know Al Quada wasn't the best example, but served to prove my point.

so i'll dumb it down so you can understand.

Let's say the "Paradon" form over in...Italy. They attack..Poland..for atrocities committed in a (this is made-up remember) war against the U.S. and Italy. The "Paradon" don't like the peace that was formed with the U.S. So "Paradon" continue to attack and kill Poland regardless of the peace treaties. Several U.S. Generals, Colonels, and "normal" soldiers defect from the U.S. Armed Forced and join "Paradon" HELPING them attack and kill Poland military/government/citizens. You're actually saying that the U.S. has NO RESPONSIBILITY to stop their ex-soldiers..that are capable of doing what they're doing BECAUSE OF the TRAINING they RECEIVED in the U.S. AND carry U.S. Military secrets since this "Paradon" group doesn't actually attack the U.S.?

it's poorly thought-out. false. and an idiotic stand-point. fact.

The Federation going after the Maquis is similar to this. They ARE responsible for the defectors training and abilities..tactics...know-how..etc. Not to mention they have a PEACE TREATY with the Card's.

So pick apart my example if that's all you can (obviously) do. because even that holds no merit. As whether my Al Quada example (or even the above one) is off...the POINT is valid and accurate.

and again it's "cool" to criticize the "good guys" isn't it? fight the power brother!

No, offense! But going after people that left the Federation and chose to stay with the Cardassians is really isn't an option either. They are no longer the responsibility of the Federation. The whole mess was born out of the ignorance of the Federation government thinking they can force people to accept their point of view at their expense.

Anytime you send in military forces into another countries, it pisses the people off to no end. Believe it or not, people in other countries do feel patriotism for their countries and they get pissed off when they see foreign soldiers on their homeland. This is why most countries, especially middle eastern nations, don't like the U.S. They don't give a fuck shit what Americans think. When They see your troops in their countries, it could be seen as an act of war and disrespecting them. The Federation already made enough mess, so they need to fucking stop and shut the fuck up because nobody wants to hear them preaching like they needed to be told how to behave and they can't do anything right. If they think their officers may defect to them, then the Federation need to keep better taps on them.

The problem is: you can't make peace by war. To achieve peace you must earn the other parties respect and trust by open communication and good dialoques. People will repect you if you respect them. The more people you kill, the more pissed off they get. Eveerybody gets pissed off when their love ones die!
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