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Re: The Federation Must Die.

No, offense! But your post really is the one born out of ignorance.

The Al Quada was created because of U.S. meddling with foreign politics. We help trained terrorists to fight a war against the Soviet invasion and now they've turned against us and use the training we taught them to commit terrorist attacks against the U.S. and other western nations. This is what the CIA calls a blow back. The U.S. should have known better than to do business or allied themselves with a bunch terrorists and thugs. This is what happened. In Cambodia the U.S. put a thug named Pol Pot in power and back him to fight the communists that were taking over the country. AFter the communist thread was defused Pol Pot his men turned around and killed millions of Cambodians whom he though might challenge him. If you were even suspected of being educated or wore glasses, that's enough for them to hall you away, tortured you and then killed you. This is what happened when you interfere in foreign politics. There's no easy quick fix and it is irresponsible. And what happened if the people in those countries won't surrender and refuse to listen? ARe you going to shoot at them until they do? Look at Vietnam War.
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