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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

But Picard said at the start of the film that this was the first Borg Invasion in 6 years, with BOBW clearly being what happened 6 years earlier.

(And of course none of this changes the fact that the desire to stay alive alone IS still a perfectly valid reason NOT to dive headfirst into a hopeless battle, even if there ISN'T a third party depending on your continued survival.)
You also never replied to MY earlier post, about what you'd think if Sisko and co saw a world under assault from the Dominion and just ran off.

That's exactly what happened in BOBW. The Borg attacked a world and won. Obviously, showing a defeat doesn't preclude an eventual happy ending.
They attacked a defenseless world that the ENT-D never got a chance to defend because they weren't there in the first place. Bit of a difference from actually seeing said world under attack and deciding to abandon them to their fate.
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