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these shots have me wandering why we haven't had battle in the rain yet in ME
The Gears fanboys would scream "copycat!" in that case I'm sure
I think that might be working up to it for. Both Jack's loyalty mission and The Arrival DLC had rain, but not in combat proper.

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BTW, I'm surprised you guys had difficulty telling that that was supposed to be Miranda. I thought it was pretty obvious.

What I love about that painting is how vulnerable she looks. I guess we didn't get to see her let her guard down often in the game (and no, shagging MaleShep doesn't count ).

Eye of the beholder I guess
Yeah, I think the context of the piece feels a little out of character for Miranda. I mean can you see her ever not being clean and well presented?
Yeah, I can totally see that - when she is completely by herself I'd imagine she sometimes lets her guard down for a while.

Remember those chatlogs/messages from her dossier at the end of LotSB?
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