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Re: What do Star Trek fans think of Stargate?

The first TV show I remember watching was Star Trek, first run - this was back in the days when it was just called Star Trek and not Star Trek TOS, cos you didn't need to differentiate it from other Trek shows

*feels very, very old*

Anyhoos, I watched every version of Trek there was on TV, and I fell in love with all of them for various reasons. Then SG-1 came along, and I decided to watch as I'd liked the movie, and I liked the show. I felt a bit guilty about cheating on Trek but I got over it.

I love Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis (seasons 1-3 only) I watched Stargate Universe for a while but gave up as I didn't give a toss about the characters, where they were going, how they were going to get there, or anything else about the show...

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Atlantis was fun the first three years, but after a while it all just went to shit. (Don't get me started on SGU)
Ah, a kindred spirit!

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I cannot take Stargate seriously because every damn culture on every damn planet they visit speaks English.

There, I said it.
Obviously the stargate itself acts as some form of translator device, much like the TARDIS does

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The Asuran Replicators were good initially
The Asuran Replicators were a mistake IMO, trying to bring SG-1 fans who hated SGA into the fold...

- Season 4... Carter didn't feel like a good fit. She was like Worf in DS9- didn't add anything. Many episodes tended to be blander too. I think this was the weakest season.
THANK YOU!!! Totally agree, they ruined Carter by taking her to Atlantis - and again (IMO) it smacked of trying to get the SG-1 fans to watch

S5 summed up the series: interesting concepts, fairly good acting/likeable characters, mediocre stories/writing.

They neglected the Genii, the Travelers, and overused the Replicators & Michael. rid of Cauldwell, Zelenka, Lorne, diminished Dex to a grunting Neanderthal

(And didn't I read somewhere that Rob Cooper admitted that they'd "gone the wrong way" in seasons 4 and 5?)

I did not watch SGU. I didn't consider it Stargate and from the information available before it even hit the air, it didn't seem even remotely appealing.
I initially was happy to watch SGU, after all it's Stargate, right, it can't be bad. Then I started hearing rumours about the cast being in their early 20s and people were up in arms, so they brought in two older characters to [artificially] raise the average age to 30something, and the doubts started to creep in. There were more rumours and more flailing wildly by the producers trying to make the show sound like it was a worthy successor to SG-1 and SGA, but to me all they were doing was making it sound like they were panicking - trying to appeal to too many people; angry SG-1 fans, angry SGA fans, and draw in BSG fans...

But I trusted Cooper'n'Wright and to bring something great to the table.

They failed.

It was woeful. I was bored, how the hell could I be bored watching Stargate?! People [BSG fans who were loving the show] kept telling me to "give it a chance", but why? I didn't have to give any other show I watched a chance to grow on me, I liked or loved them from the start. SGU had none of the elements that made SG-1 or SGA enjoyable... death's too good for it.
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