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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

Sisko abandoned victims to save his own skin, but you gave him a pass based on the fact that he had a more important mission which getting himself killed would have made impossible.

Then you said a similar scenario would never be possible on VOY because Voyager can't possibly have another more important mission because they don't care about anything other than getting home.

Now you say they do care because they're not a bunch of douchebags.

Make up your mind.

If they do care, they could find themselves in a position comparable to the Defiant's.

(And of course none of this changes the fact that the desire to stay alive alone IS still a perfectly valid reason NOT to dive headfirst into a hopeless battle, even if there ISN'T a third party depending on your continued survival.)

The "Borg attack a world and win" doesn't leave room for any real success on VOY's end.
That's exactly what happened in BOBW. The Borg attacked a world and won. Obviously, showing a defeat doesn't preclude an eventual happy ending.

Now I'm pretty sure I know where this is heading, so I'll save you the trouble: You're about to abandon your original claims (essentially, admitting defeat) and fall back on your old spiel about haters. Something like "It's still no-win because the audience would hate Voyager having ANY kind of victory over the Borg."
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