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Re: Non Trek Fic: Quinn's Code (A Daria AU)

Cafe Geekdale - Part 2

That night, after dinner, Cindy and Kristen visited Quinn.
“An old style coffeehouse?” Cindy asked, when Quinn had finished telling her and Kristen about what had happened at the Anime Club meeting. 'It would certainly add more variety to night activities here in Lawndale, that is for sure,' she thought.

“Yes,” Quinn said.

“What brought that on?” Kristen asked.

“What do you mean?” Quinn asked.

“How did Mr. O'Neill think of the idea?” Kristen asked.

"Koichi said that Mr. O'Neill was inspired by a remark that Daria had made." Quinn said.

“That explains that,” Kristen said.

“So, then I suggested that the freshmen as well as the sophomores can do performances there. That would, like, be rather cool,” Quinn said.

“It would be,” Cindy said.

“I know what you would like to do,” Kristen said to Cindy.

Cindy shrugged.

“Anyway. I could read some poetry,” Kristen said as she thought. 'Some of the audience would appreciate it.'

“It's not too angsty, is it?” Quinn asked, knowing that Goths often wrote poetry that was quite angsty.

Kristen looked away. “It really depends on how one defines angst, doesn't it,” she said. 'I don't think it's that angsty.'

“Sorry,” Quinn said, also looking away.

“Don't worry, she does get like that sometimes,” Cindy said. 'One thing I have learned is; don't judge Kristen by her appearance!'

“Anyhow. I would bring some of my more hopeful poetry to the first night, whenever that is going to be,” Kristen said.

“I would certainly listen to it,” Cindy said.

“I know that you have listened to some of it,” Kristen said with a smile.

“I really should listen to it, huh?” Quinn said, guessing where she had gone wrong in the last minute.

“Yes,” Cindy said, jumping in.

“Sorry about that,” Quinn said. Then the sound of metal music came through the walls.

“Who's playing that music?” Kristen asked, wanting to change the subject from the discussion about her poetry.

“Oh, that is just Daria, playing her music really loud,” Quinn said. “A good thing that her room has that soundproofing,” she said, quieter.

“It sounds a little interesting, if a little sad,” Kristen said.

“Of course it's sad. Daria's a misanthrope!” Quinn said.

“The question would be; why is she a misanthrope? Wouldn't it?” Kristen said, as she went to the door.

“I wouldn't disturb her, she is jealous of her privacy,” Quinn said.

“I'll be back, after I ask Daria about that music,” Kristen said. She left.

“You think that Daria won't talk to Kristen?” Cindy asked.

“She will tell her to leave her alone and then slam the door in her face. Otherwise she will just ignore her,” Quinn said.

“Maybe Jane and Jennifer have had a positive effect on her?”

“The likelihood is remote. Jennifer says that she feels that her friendship with Jane is closer than that with Daria.”

“It's still possible,” Cindy said in thought.

“I guess so,” Quinn said, as she looked out one of the front windows.

Kristen walked up to Daria's room and knocked on the door. After a minute of the music continuing at the same volume she knocked again.

'Nothing for it, except to just go in,' she thought. She grabbed the handle and slowly opened the door, preparing herself to see whatever was inside.

However, she was not prepared to see what she actually saw. Padded walls like those in a psychiatric institution.

She looked around in slight shock, at the archaeological print, the wheelchair rail, the plain brown bed, the sawn off bars in the windows, the models of a slice of cheese and a human heart, the television on the trolley, the keyboard set up and amplifier, the set of drawers, computer set up, Kafka poster and book shelves.
She saw the short, auburn-haired, teen playing the music on a bass guitar with the lead plugged into the amplifier. She was reading the music off a handwritten sheet held above the keyboard and softly singing the lyrics. Kristen stepped into the room and listened to the sad metal tunes.

After another minute Kristen made another move. “Daria?” she asked.

At the sound of Kristen's voice Daria started “Eep!” and dropped the guitar on the keyboard. She swiftly turned around, causing her bleached bangs to fall across her face. She blew them aside with a harsh blow. “How long have you been there?” she asked, with a stern expression.

“Only about a minute,” Kristen said.

Daria thought for a moment “That's alright I guess. But you shouldn't just barge in uninvited and listen to my internal musings!” she said.

“I guess so. But you sound so sad,” Kristen said.

“You would sound sad too if you grew up in a town like Highland, and your younger sister hogged the spotlight constantly!”

“I guess so,” Kristen said. She was the youngest, but she did feel that Kelly did hog some of the spotlight in the eyes of her parents. 'She even dyed her hair the same as me. I dyed it this way first!' she thought. She shook her head, turning her thoughts back to Daria. 'She isn't telling the whole story.'

“Out!” Daria said.

“Wait!” Kristen said.

“What?” Daria asked.

“I would like to ask you about your music, besides the personal aspects, that is.”

Daria thought for a moment. “Fine. I write metal, it suits my mood. I also listen to metal, otherwise it would be punk or rock. Anything from any other genre would have to have an existential bent to it,” she said.

“That would include blues and country and western, wouldn't it?”


“What I like, is similar, but a little more upbeat. Also more Gothic in tone,” Kristen said.

“As I expected,” Daria said, playing an improvisional piece on the keyboard. She stopped, then flipped pages in the notebook and quickly wrote down the notes she had just played.

'She's quite talented,' Kristen thought. “What was expected?” she asked.

“The Gothic tones.”

'Of course,' Kristen thought. She would have said something more except that Quinn came into the room.

“Um, I thought you were fighting,” Quinn said diplomatically.

“We weren't. I was just asking your sister about her music,” Kristen said.

“Oh, she almost never talks about her music,” Quinn said.

“I got that impression. She hasn't told me very much,” Kristen said. 'But it is enough to know that Daria is quite withdrawn and moody,' she thought.

“Quinn, Kristen, you can leave now!” Daria said.

“What is your problem? We were about to leave!” Quinn said.

“My problem! You are my problem!” Daria almost shouted.

“Oh really?” Quinn began. Kristen slipped out of the room.

“Yes!” Daria shouted.

512 Grandstaff Drive
The Fashion Club were having a sleepover at club president Sandi Griffin's house. After dinner they had all gone up to Sandi's bedroom.

“There is a reason why I asked you to stay over tonight. We have to, like, do something about Quinn,” Sandi said.

“Why?” Stacy Rowe asked. The Fashion Club didn't usually do sleepovers. 'She definitely has a reason.

Sta-cy! We need to stop the Geekiness of that Geekendorffer from getting any more popular!” Sandi exclaimed.

“Why?” Stacy asked.

“Tori?” Sandi asked, turning to the Vice President, Tori Jericho.

“According to my sources, whom I have asked in the last week, the popularity of various science fiction and fantasy media amongst Lawndale High students has gone up drastically,” Tori said. She took a bar chart out of her bag. “According to this, the popularity of Stargate Atlantis has gone up by 33%!”

“Is that all?” Stacy asked. 'That is nothing to be concerned about. Even if he's a brain and a jerk, that McKay guy is cute.'

“What do stars and gates have to do with a ci-ity that saaank in the oce-an?” Tiffany Blum-Deckler asked.

“That's not all, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and by association, the other Narnia books, by 50%,” Tori said.

“That's probably due to the movie which is coming out in a couple of months, not due to Quinn,” Stacy said.


“I wasn't finished,” Tori said.

“Sorry,” Stacy said.

Futurama, 10%. Lord of the Rings, 30%. Halo,75%. World of Warcraft, 95 %. The Matrix, 80%. Battlestar Galactica 45 %. Wheel of Time, 25%. Redwall, 55%. Back to the Future, 70 %.” Tori then listed a few more, some not even sci-fi or fantasy.

“I get the point!” Stacy said, even though she liked some of the stories listed.

“Yes. Tori, I see that the games have become very popular. That is why we need to destroy the Geekendorffer's popularity!” Sandi said.

“I have an idea,” Tori said.

“Then tell us, Tori!” Sandi said.

“Today, some of the sophomores were saying that Mr. O'Neill plans to open an old style coffee house for performances,” Tori said.

“The point being?” Sandi asked.

“The point being, Sandi, that it is a venue we can use to discredit Quinn! We can write a speech denouncing her Geekiness!” Tori said.

Sandi thought about it. That was a very good idea. She smiled. “Excellent!” she said, subconciously copying the mannerisms of a character from a certain popular cartoon.

'Oh no!' Stacy thought. “But there is a problem,” she said.

“What is that?” Sandi asked, turning to Stacy.

“Only the sophomores will be performing at the Coffee House.”

“Oh, Really? I will see about that. I will ask Mr. O'Neill to allow freshmen to perform,” Sandi said.

“Great idea, Sandi,” Tori said.

“Yes, it is,” Sandi said.

Back at the Morgendorffers, Helen went upstairs to find Cindy and Kristen waiting outside Daria's door with concerned looks on their faces. “What is going on?” she asked.

“Mrs. Morgendorffer, Quinn and Daria have been arguing for around ten minutes,” Kristen said.

“Oh my! They usually get tired of arguing after five minutes!”
“I knew something was up,” Kristen said.

Cindy nodded.

“Don't worry. They don't usually come to blows,” Helen said, although her voice showed some apprehension.

The door opened and Quinn came out, visibly sweating. She closed the door and said; “I don't want to talk about it.”

“Are you sure?” Helen asked.

“Something is up between you and your sister,” Cindy said.

“Most of the issues are on her side anyway. You would have to ask her. Good luck with that!” Quinn said as she headed back to her room.

“I would still like to know,” Kristen said.

“I'll tell you when I'm ready,” Quinn said as she went into the room.

Cindy followed Quinn into the room. “We don't need to know now. But we can be there when she wants to tell someone,” she said as she stopped at the door.

“True,” Kristen said, as Cindy entered the room. She remained in the hallway for a few moments longer.

“I wouldn't worry overly much. Quinn is strong, although a little obsessive sometmes,” Helen said.

“I know, on both counts,” Kristen said. “Thanks, Mrs.Morgendorffer.”

“You're welcome,” Helen said as her daughter's goth friend went back into the room.

Tuesday, October 19. 2005
Daria entered the kitchen for breakfast to find her mother waiting for her. “Didn't you have a 7:00 AM meeting?” she asked.

“When I called Eric for directions, he said that the meeting was canceled,” Helen said.

“Oh!” Daria said.

“You know, Daria, it wouldn't hurt if you got involved in some after school activities once in a while.”

Daria just grabbed a box of breakfast cereal.

“I'm serious. When you apply to college, they're going to be looking for that sort of thing.”

“They're going to be looking to see whether I can pay for school. This might be a good time to talk about setting up a trust?”
Helen sighed. “I just want you to think about it, Daria. That's all I ask.”

Daria just poured some milk on her cereal.

“Otherwise we might have to make it up over the summer. Send you to some kind of camp.”

“You wouldn't,” Daria said.

Helen just looked at her daughter.

“You would. But I would have to interpret it as punishment for doing something, very, very, wrong.”

“Nonsense. It would just be an easy way of getting some extracurricular activity on your college applications... If you weren't able to come up with any on your own.

“You're good. When you put your mind to it, you're very, very good.”

“You'll find something to get involved with. It'll be fun.”

“Swell,” Daria said.

“I also heard that you were involved in another argument with Quinn last night,” Helen said.

That brought Daria up short. “Who told you that? I know Quinn didn't.”

“Kristen did. She and Cindy are close to Quinn and want to know what is going on between you two.”

Daria just took a bite of her cereal.

Helen sighed.
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