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Re: House: Season 8 News (Mild Spoilers)

Wilson's the most logical choice by far. Of the cited candidates, he has the most experience and seniority. Vogler is clearly on the list because he was House's most famous nemesis, but he's a billionaire magnate; he's not going to take a job as dean of medicine at a small teaching hospital, even if he has the qualifications for it, which I doubt. (Not to mention that he was only added to the show over the producers' objections and they didn't think his addition was successful.) And the other characters are too low in the hospital hierarchy (Wilson's the only one on the list who's a department head) or out of left field. I guess I can't completely rule out Sam (Wilson's ex), since I know so little about her; maybe she's secretly a highly experienced department head who's eminently qualified to be a dean of medicine. But that seems unlikely.

Besides, having Wilson become House's boss poses the most challenges to their relationship and thus the most story possibilities. As mentioned, Foreman has already been House's boss and has long been established as having an adversarial relationship with House. So there's nothing new to be explored there. And none of the others really has what it takes to stand up to House effectively and keep him in check, which is a necessary condition for the job. The only way the dean could control House is if it's someone House respects and trusts, and with Cuddy gone, Wilson's the only candidate. With anyone else, House would either run roughshod over them or just rebel against them and probably lose his job rather quickly. Wilson's the only one who can make it work.
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