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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Abandoning a world to the Borg to save their own skins? Less then 200 people over millions or billions?
If trying to help would be useless suicide, then it's not a choice between a million deaths versus 200 deaths. It would be a million versus a million and 200.

According to you, Commodore Decker would be the model Starfleet officer.

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VOY has no mission in the DQ over "go home", no greater purpose. Nothing that could ever justify abandoning a world to the Borg aside from "We can't do anything" or "we're too scared".
By that argument, they shouldn't give a shit about the world in question in the first place. It's not part of their mission.

If you grant that they can consider trying to help strangers on an unknown world, then you must also grant that they care about other "greater purposes" in the DQ as well.

You're also conveniently ignoring the second possibility (in bold):
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Luminus and even Guy Gardener said they wanted stories where VOY would have to abandon others to the Borg or fail to help them, so there you go again.
And there are also several examples of the heroes failing to help even though they did try. Which didn't make them incompetent fools, it just meant they were in over their heads.
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