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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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As always, there is a middle ground: The Borg could have been attacking planets at the borders of Federation space, while the Federation repeatedly abandoned and retreated from those borders.
If that had happened, he wouldn't have said that "The moment I have been dreading for 6 years is upon us: The Borg have begun an invasion of the Federation." Because attacking the borders and pushing said borders back would very much be an invasion even if it didn't penetrate further in.

Anwar wrote: View Post
Yes! Exactly! Congratulations, you just described a scenario that wasn't an extreme!
A choice of certain death over probable death?

They weren't just spineless cowards, they were keeping priorities.
Yes, they had a more important mission to accomplish that involved saving more lives than their side-stop would have.

Now, see if you can stretch that imagination and picture a similar scenario that could have happened in VOY, and you see our point.
Abandoning a world to the Borg to save their own skins? Less then 200 people over millions or billions?

VOY has no mission in the DQ over "go home", no greater purpose. Nothing that could ever justify abandoning a world to the Borg aside from "We can't do anything" or "we're too scared".

Suppose Sisko and co ran into a world being invaded by the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant, they see it being bombarded and receive a distress call from them begging for help. Sisko says that they can't possibly affect the outcome, and orders them out of there. The Defiant flies off as the world burns behind them.

What would you think of him from that point on?

Also, notice you ignored my own suggestions on how to flesh out the Borg without depowering them and still be able to use them a lot.

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