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Re: The Federation Must Die.

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In my opinion it is what it is.. Personally I was annoyed with naive Starfleet officers like Julian freaking Bashir who want to cling to morality at expense of survival. Bottom line is this, the Federation IS no different than any other race when it comes to survival. If it is between morality and survival, Survival will and should always win. We saw it in In the Pale Moonlight - no Romulans = Federation loss.
Definitely, which is why when the Starfleet officers lecture other cultures, they will be interpreted as hypocrites, at least by some fans.

Comparing the actions In The Pale Moonlight against what Data said in The Last Outpost, you can see it;

Data: They should add also that Starfleet has refused to prevent several civilizations from falling; we have sometimes let the violent and strong overcome the weak...
Or even Janeway-- an alien culture had a technology that could send her ship right home. They wouldn't share it-- they had the same type of restrictions as the P.D.

Janeway kept asking, and asking, and actually looked p'd off in the end when they kept refusing.

Janeway: It's the first time we've been on the other side of the fence. How many times have we been in the position of refusing to interfere when some kind of disaster threatened an alien culture? It's all very well to say we do it on the basis of an enlightened principle. But how does that feel to the aliens?
BTW, her crew ignored the restriction and got their hands on it anyway...
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