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Re: La-La Land Records Releasing a 3-CD Set of TNG Scores at Comic-Con

Some Initial Impressions, listed by episode (I have a bias towards action cues and uses of the Courage/Goldsmith fanfare, so just noting that upfront):

*Haven - Has some wonderful renditions of the Courage fanfare; also has a good action cue in "Tractor Beam"
*Hide & Q - Was really hoping for that opening action-style cue as they prepare to beam down burn units, but there's a good ending fanfare at least.
*Conspiracy - Another good Courage fanfare cue, but some of the best stuff from the episode is missing.
*The Child - Love, LOVE the opening cue with the Repulse shuttle--awesome.
*Elementary, Dear Data - Another great opening Courage fanfare cue.
*Time Squared - Some good tension/action beats in this one.
*The Survivors - I wanted all of the battle cues in this one, but at least there's one!
*Sarek - Meh.
*Conundrum - Good action cue, and surprise use of the Courage fanfare for an ending in the 5th season.
*All Good Things... - Another great ending cue.

Question: Did McCarthy never use the Goldsmith Trek theme? Ron Jones had some amazing uses of it...

*Code of Honor - One of the best on this set. Bookended by great versions of the classic Trek fanfare, there's also some great action beats and act-out cues throughout with a unique style. Really wish Steiner could have composed more for TNG onward.

I haven't really dug into Chataway or the two other guest composers just yet. But, needless to say, I'll be eagerly anticipating TNG Vol. 2 (and hopefully other series!) greatly!
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