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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Picard said that FC was what he had feared for 6 years, a Borg invasion. Meaning that nothing happened with the Collective in those 6 years. 6 years prior was BOBW and there was no "falling back as they assimilate worlds" stuff.
"They invade our space and we fall back."

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Picard was speaking in the abstract about what the Borg do to everyone, and the "we fall back" thing referred to what all life in the Galaxy has done. It really makes no sense taken any other way.
On the contrary, it makes no sense to assume he was speaking in the abstract. The whole outbreak would be bizarre if he was talking about abstract possibilities happening in parts of the galaxy that he has no connection to or awareness of what's going on.

The problem, once again, is your failure to interpret it in anything but extremes: either they're leaving the Federation completely alone, or they're sending a cube into the heart of Federation territory. As always, there is a middle ground: The Borg could have been attacking planets at the borders of Federation space, while the Federation repeatedly abandoned and retreated from those borders. He might also be referring to the trail of destruction that happened in BOBW prior to the standoff at Wolf 359.

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So it was a choice between folks who were definitely going to die without them, or guys who may not even be there.
Yes! Exactly! Congratulations, you just described a scenario that wasn't an extreme! They weren't just spineless cowards, they were keeping priorities. Now, see if you can stretch that imagination and picture a similar scenario that could have happened in VOY, and you see our point.
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