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Re: Digital comics are they worth it ? disscussion and comments:

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One thing that mystifies me is, why are digital comics simply print comics "scanned" for a digital screen?

That doesn't really make sense to me.

You should be able to, with one touch, switch seamlessly between pencils, inks, colors, and the final page, at any point in the comic. You should be able to tap a button, and switch colorists or inkers and see the same comic interpreted different ways. You should be able to make all the letterings disappear if you want to admire the artwork. You should be able to "draw" a square (with your fingers) around any cool piece of comics artwork, and set it as your iPhone/Android/iPad/etc's background image.

You should be able to have a page by page AUDIO commentary from the writers. And another commentary from the editor, and the artists. Hell, from EVERYBODY involved.

They should start making comics in a form factor that fits well in smartphones and tablets. Comics which all panels fit well into the rectangular phone shape.

At the end of EVERY new comic there should be a box where you can write your thoughts on that exact comic and zoom it's off to a digital discussion thread (like the review threads here) for that particular issue.

These random ideas are just the tip of the iceberg really. if you're going to have digital comics, have them be DIGITAL COMICS.
Okay, this one I think has some real problems. I'm sure there's nothing the artist of Dorkman #252 would like to do after making ball-busting deadlines than talk in depth about the 22 pages that ruined his marriage, but I'm not sure they could realistically fit it into their schedule.

The main thing I keep thinking of is Scott McCloud's decade old supposition that digital comics have no page borders and that keeping to a limited 6.625" X 10.25" world has no real meaning unless there's a print version. (Although personally I sort of like the rigid structure of the page, he's definitely got a point.)

Steve Mollmann wrote:
"So on this page, I drew Lois Lane with big tits because... um, well I really like big tits. Also I threw in some pouches."

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