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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

Also, BOBW introduced the idea of assimilation. Before that we were led to believe that the Borg were one species that had willingly chosen to become a cybernetic Hivemind, and that they were truly united in their goals.

Then we found out they actually turned survivors of their attacks into other Borg who were unwillingly forced to serve them, and we're left wondering why (if so many are unwilling) this doesn't affect the Hive Mind's strength and ability to operate.

An interesting way to examine this would be to have every single Borg ship be its own Collective mind unto itself, with the peoples assimilated into each one creating a different "personality" for each vessel. Some, composed of peaceful folk put into the Hive Mind, would end up becoming benign pacifistic beings.

This would keep the Borg as powerful, but make it clear that not all Borg are destructive zombie creatures and that assimilation can be harmful as well.

Maybe the only truly destructive Borg would be the ones who are of the original Borg species that willingly became Borg and stayed mostly "Pure" over the centuries while the Borg ships that assimilated too many non-violent people lost that destructive aspect via dilution.
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