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Re: The Federation Must Die.

Anwar wrote: View Post
If they're advanced enough to be of any real help as allies, then they can ask the Federation for assistance
Unless they were wiped out prior to being technologically able to ask.

The people the Federation helps today, are the same people who will be powerful allies a century from now.

Anwar wrote: View Post
In "Homeward" it would have taken thousands of starships working around the clock to evacuate that planet
But only if these starships were available. If they were, so much the better, but likely that many would not be both in the area of the planet and also not needed elsewhere. So Starfleet would simply make use of the resources that could be brought to bear. If there were a baker's dozen of large starships and each could make a dozen trips, we might remove a quarter of a million people, refuges, from the doomed planet. If the planet were perhaps in the core of the federation, with additional civilian ships nearby, the number of refuges could rise into the millions.

Or, a single starship, making a single trip would save only hundreds.

They would then have to find a new world for them to inhabit
Which makes the assumption that the refuges are going to be simply given a entire planet. There's also the possibility that the refuges would be taken to a uninhabited section of a Federation members planet (homeworld or existing colony) and established there. A third possibility is, given the refuges previous technology level, they would be partially or fully brought into the Federation civilization.

with their culture intact
This would be an important factor, If you simply pull a relatively small number off at the last minute, my thought is that Starfleet should evacuate the population of a university, one where there are schools of both cultural studies and history. There would be a mixture of elders and (usually) lots of healthy young people, to built again the indigenous culture.

Setting aside the Star Trek concept of the "one culture planet," I wonder if going for maximum diversity might in this case work against the intent. Starfleet may wish to extract people in intact cultural units, if they could only remove say five thousand people, they would pull them from one culture and one region. A more expansive evacuation could remove both more people and more cultures, but again the more people would come from cultural "blocks."

would set a new precedent in that it's what Starfleet MUST do
Well a precedent as to what Starfleet could do, in situations where the transport assets were available, and there was nothing more pressing happening. I would imagine that during the Dominion War a major evacuation would have been out of the question.

ultimately weakening the Federation in an obvious way that their enemies would clearly notice
But independent star systems and neutral star republics (some quite large) would notice as well, some of whom might be considering treaties with,and even future membership in, the Federation.

This would show that the Federation is composed of compassionate people, people who you might wish to associate yourselves with.

created various dependent Vassals who can't survive on their own
This kind of control mentality would be something to watch out for.

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