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Re: The Federation Must Die.

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I'm not convinced money or religion or any other "tangible" factor you can point to is the cause of the problems with humanity...I think it's human nature itself. If you take away one excuse for conflict, we're great at finding a new one. I am convinced discrimination still takes place on Earth--but most importantly, rather than seeing our "us and them" as a matter of internal race/religion/ideology, etc., humanity and the Federation still DOES have an "us and them" mentality but towards the other species out there. They pushed it outward but did not get rid of the problem. Thinking that they did will only get them in trouble.
You got a very good point there and well you said it " It's human nature" but Interestingly the Federation is made of not just humans but other races so be good to see how our values conflict with theirs. Anyways at end of day the Federation is not like the Borg striving for complete perfection because the Federation is made up of humans or humanoid beings and in nature nothing is perfect, so you will always have people in charge of governments that will make mistakes and the Federation is not an exception, it's all about learning from those mistakes, which I hope they do
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