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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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That line is the entirety of the information we have on the subject of whether or not they had done so. And it says they did. So, clearly, they did.
Picard said that FC was what he had feared for 6 years, a Borg invasion. Meaning that nothing happened with the Collective in those 6 years. 6 years prior was BOBW and there was no "falling back as they assimilate worlds" stuff.

Picard was speaking in the abstract about what the Borg do to everyone, and the "we fall back" thing referred to what all life in the Galaxy has done. It really makes no sense taken any other way.

And don't think I didn't notice that you dodged my other answer. In Way of the Warrior, the Defiant finds victims and passes by them because it would be too risky to try to help; in other words, they "decided to leave them to their fates because they were scared".
Risky to their actual mission, which was to save the Detapa Council. If they had scanned for potential survivors, then those guys and Dukat would definitely be dead.

So it was a choice between folks who were definitely going to die without them, or guys who may not even be there. It's not the same as abandoning clearly endangered folks because you were too spineless to think about helping them.

Uh... why? That's be pointless, and futile. The Ent-D engaging three Borg cubes would be suicidal, and would accomplish absolutely nothing. The Ent-D crew would know this and thus wouldn't attack. Now, they might try something ELSE (get reinforcements, try and create a diversion, etc.) rather than just leave the people to their fate, but they wouldn't just attack.
It'd still be more than just running away, which is what zar thinks would be adequate for VOY.

I find it massively ironic that - to back up your point that the Borg WOULD either win 100% and assimilate/kill everyone they were attacking, OR lose 100% and be stopped completely - you quote GUINAN. From "Q Who?" A member of a race who was attacked in FULL FORCE by the Borg... yet she survived. A BUNCH of them survived.
She and those others survived because they weren't there when it happened, there were never targeted by the Borg to begin with.
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