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Re: The Federation Must Die.

Using military forces won't solve anything long term... A lot of the time, we ignore that their is a much deeper problem that is deeply rooted in the culture and people that led to war and genocide. You can't fix it over night...there is no one, two, three cure for building a country and changing the people and its culture attitudes. These things takes time and the more you rush, the more mistakes you will make because you overlooked something that cause someone to get hurt and thus inadvertently pissed off a bunch of people. The best we can do is offer advice and diplomacy to all the factions, hoping to find some other resolutions. We should stay away from things like nation building because it's dangerous. WE might make an already unstable and dangerous situation worse and turn it into a full blown war and genocide. Not only that it cost a lot of money. No nations can afford that, not even the U.S. We also be jeopardizing our economy on problems that we can't fix.
"This is not about who has the biggest gun or more powerful ships... A friend in power is a friend lost."
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