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Re: The Federation Must Die.

It looks like it's a thin line between forced annexation and conquering.

I know that there was no war between the two, but I always got the impression the Cardassians forced themselves on Bajor.

I looked it up and can't find a definite explanation of exactly how it happened.

But if the Bajorans said something like, 'please leave us now', and the Cardassians continued anyway, then the Cardassians violated Bajor's sovereignty.

The Federation says it all happened within Cardassia, so they can't/won't help.

So here's the flip side;

The Dominion war is going badly.
Everyone is getting pissed off that the Romulans won't do anything.(The Romulans already signed a treaty with the Dominion.)

Sisko knows the Romulans are going to mind their own business, but after Betazed falls, he decides to convince the Romulans to join the war on their side.

When they said no, Sisko then decides he going to trick them into going to war. With Starfleet's blessing.

Hypocrisy, or something totally different?
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