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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

In my post, I said "Even if there aren't any...", in reference to Anwar's demand for examples from TOS, TNG, and DS9 of the characters trying and failing to save others, or deciding not to try/being unable to try in the first place. Clearly, there ARE several examples, as has been made clear in the posts that have come since. Including this one!
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Brilliant shot, zar. And I'm not sure how I didn't think of that either... haha.

Just a couple little things:
Anwar wrote:
Saito S wrote:
And do you really think that if Picard and the Ent-D came across, say, 3 cubes trashing some poor sap's homeworld, they would be like "Ok! Arm all weapons, let's get em!"?
Well, yes.
Uh... why? That's be pointless, and futile. The Ent-D engaging three Borg cubes would be suicidal, and would accomplish absolutely nothing. The Ent-D crew would know this and thus wouldn't attack. Now, they might try something ELSE (get reinforcements, try and create a diversion, etc.) rather than just leave the people to their fate, but they wouldn't just attack. Neither would (or should) Voyager, in that situation, and there's no reason they couldn't have done one of those other things to try and help.
And again with the extremes! The only two options in your world are "They win the day, 100%, everything is great, the bad guys are stopped!" or "They LOSE, because they SUCK, and they're SPINELESS COWARDS and EVERYONE DIED."
It's the Borg, "they don't do anything piecemeal" remember?

I find it massively ironic that - to back up your point that the Borg WOULD either win 100% and assimilate/kill everyone they were attacking, OR lose 100% and be stopped completely - you quote GUINAN. From "Q Who?" A member of a race who was attacked in FULL FORCE by the Borg... yet she survived. A BUNCH of them survived. So, the Borg won, they destroyed El-Auria... yet a number of them survived. Proving my point; there ALREADY EXISTS precedent within the filmed canon for a Borg incident that ends with neither a complete victory for the Borg (assimilate or destroy everything, no survivors) and the Borg being stopped and completely unable to reach their goal (little or no damage to their main target).

That said!

I've been down this road before, and we are - as always happens - back where we started to some degree, with Anwar claiming the vitriol of the Hatedome (even though it doesn't exist) as the reason for his assertions, and claiming that everyone hated what "Scorpion" did to the Borg (despite the fact that everyone loved it), tossing around opinions or suppositions carelessly as if they were facts, refusing to deal in anything but extremes, completely ignoring half of what we say when replying (STILL waiting for you to show a source proving that "Scorpion" was widely panned!) etc. It's like the previous conversations didn't even happen. That's why I only responded to those two specific points about the Borg in this post, and not anything else, because "anything else" consists of stuff I've ALREADY responded to, quite thoroughly, in other threads long past. It's bizarre, yet it's still been entertaining for some reason... to a point. I may or may not bother posting after this in response to Anwar, we'll see.

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