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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

I'm glad I wasn't just thinking wishful about Bucky then. I liked the character and no way do I want him to be gone for good. No doubt whatever Hydra was doing to him will keep him alive in the snow, for future supervillany purposes. Not this upcoming Avengers movie, but maybe the one after that. (At the soonest, I could just see the end teaser of the upcoming Avengers movie being Bucky arising from a snowdrift, horribly changed... )

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Captain America's "proper milieu" is not the 1940s.
I agree. I see the movie as a big, elaborate origin movie that establishes Cap's character in order to have him do modern-day movies, where his "hokey" and idealistic (but never blind) patriotism can be set up in interesting contrast to, say, Tony Stark.

The "Civil War" conflict between Cap and Iron Man is the story that I really hope they get to. The way I see it, Cap's story has barely even begun. The next Avengers movie can establish the team; then they can have Supervillain Bucky; and then they can progress to the "Civil War" story after having doled out foreshadowing during the first two movies.

All this stems from my perspective that Tony and Steve are by far the most interesting characters in the Avengers story, since they seem to be real people and the rest - Thor, Black Widow, Nick Fury - are just kinda there. They don't have some internal dynamic that can fuel a story, but Captain America and Iron Man do. I'll reserve judgement on Bruce Banner due to the casting change which I'm not convinced will even work.

But they really don't need to do more WWII-era movies. Cap's story was "true power comes from the heart," and he proved that. Another WWII movie isn't going to somehow prove it more. We'd just get more action like the last half of this movie, which is fun and all, but I'm picky and expect more from any superhero movie I'm willing to plunk down ten bucks for. It's gotta have more going for it than action, and it's gotta be something I didn't get in the last movie. For Cap's story to move on, the era must move on.

I'd love to see a Sub-Mariner movie, but it can just as well be modern-day. The character really doesn't need to have a WWII era genesis.

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nah, just do a Howling Commandos movie set in '45 after Cap's disappearance.
Or a TV series.

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