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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Ahh, but in order to address this fact, that one does not have to be an incompetent spineless coward to fail at times, one would be required to stray into the dreaded middle ground.
For such an epic fail of that magnitude, middle ground doesn't apply.

Hell, Luminus' own opinion is that there would no middle ground for Borg appearances: they'd always have to be some huge big event that kills tons of people.

Nevermind that in BOBW it was all nameless faceless extras killed of instead of the main cast.

Even if there aren't any, why does that mean VOY can't do it?
Because having these guys, who are incapable of doing anything epic on the "good" side of the spectrum due to them being totally on their own and without any significant friends or significant connections to any DQ aliens they meet, have only epic FAILURES, won't warm the audience up to them. Especially in comparison to their predecessors who CAN do epically heroic things to counterbalance whatever failures they endure.

"Sisko's off winning a war to save the known Trekverse, let's compete against that by having VOY try to stop the Borg from assimilating some helpless guy and fail really badly before they run off and leave said helpless guy to his fate."

And do you really think that if Picard and the Ent-D came across, say, 3 cubes trashing some poor sap's homeworld, they would be like "Ok! Arm all weapons, let's get em!"?
Well, yes.

And again with the extremes! The only two options in your world are "They win the day, 100%, everything is great, the bad guys are stopped!" or "They LOSE, because they SUCK, and they're SPINELESS COWARDS and EVERYONE DIED."
It's the Borg, "they don't do anything piecemeal" remember?
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