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Re: Erin Gray: Babe of the week #32 (Aug. 2011)

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^ Never mind, I just realized I got sucked into a wormhole and traveled to 1980. That's the only plausible explanation.
Some of us never left 1980.
I other news, Ronald Reagan appears to be doing well in the polls. President Carter might be in trouble.
I don't know this John Anderson is really starting to impress me. I think he may be a real dark horse.

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Thumbs way up! She was a crush of mine back when I was a kid, and I've had to good fortune to meet her, and even interview her, on several occasions. I saw her at the Calgary Entertainment Expo in June and she still looks great. I never really got into her with Silver Spoons, but as Wilma Deering she was (and remains) one of my TV holy quartet of the 1970s alongside Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner and Mary Tamm from Doctor Who.

Nice gallery - there are several pics here I've never seen before. By the way, that one of her in the jean shorts at the bottom is sometimes dismissed as a fake, but it apparently is the real deal. I think she was even selling copies of it at another convention I saw her at few years back.

But please tell me there aren't people voting thumbs down simply based on the fact we're discussing someone from the early 1980s. Let's remember this when Eliza Dushku, Summer Glau and Kristen Bell hit their 50s and people start giving them thumbs down simply because they were big in the 2000s.

I take great comfort from the fact that the BOW contest will still be around 25 years from now and we will all still be pining for women way out of our league.
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