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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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I had a discussion a while back with newtype_alpha where he criticized the existence of the 8472 aliens, so you have at least one contemporary to go to on that.

Luminus and even Guy Gardener said they wanted stories where VOY would have to abandon others to the Borg or fail to help them, so there you go again.
You do realize that "having a no-win situation" doesn't mean "being incompetent spineless cowards", right? Not that I don't already know the answer. Frankly, unless newtype_alpha comes in and personally says "I hate 8472 for being a challenge to the Borg", I'd dismiss that, too, since there's nothing wrong with disliking an alien species. I never claimed that no one disliked 8472 for any reason.

And hell! Even if I acknowledge all three (and I don't), that would be three people for your alleged huge, extremely loud hatedom that doesn't exist.
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