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Re: The Federation Must Die.

All Google will show you sometimes is just how many people are making the same error.
I predict that in the future, Google Stupidity will become the new standard for everything, and the most popular spelling of any given word at any given time will be the correct spelling for as long as it remains in ascendance. Since all communication will be conducted through electronic devices, our devices will update all communication to reflect these ever-fleeting standards.

Anyway, on to more interesting topics than my illiteracy. I take issue with the notion that the Federation is "corrupt" (a charge I see levied often.)

Corruption means that the honchos are feathering their nests, taking bribes, giving key positions to cronies and family members, etc. We haven't seen evidence of this going on, on a widespread basis or any basis. We haven't seen much on the internal workings of the Federation at all. So how is the Federation "corrupt"?
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