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Re: The Federation Must Die.

They think their own morals are superior to everyone else's. And yet, they would stand by and watch someone commit genocide if it just so happens to be an "internal affair". How can you stand there and watch someone commit genocide and then call your morals superior to those of others?
It's spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-C-Y.

But the combination of snooty moralizing, knee-jerk imperialism (why is it always the other guy's fault when Starfleet trespasses on alien turf?) and occasional shockingly ruthless behavior is what gives the Federation and Starfleet their unique charm. I wouldn't have it any other way. If the Federation and Starfleet were as perfect as they like to think they are, what a bore they would be, and who wants stories about bores?

The Federation is corrupt. It needs to be destroyed, and started over again.
Wouldn't do any good. It's very doubtful you'd end up with anything better, and likely you'd end up with worse. Corruption, two-faced-ness and hypocrisy is just how the universe works.

And, to answer the original question, yes. Show that makes you route for the bad guys are the best! That's why I love "True Blood" and "ST: DS9".
Were you really rooting for the bad guys in DS9? If there was any message to that series, it was definitely that, as flawed as the Federation might be, it was a shitload better than the truly scary people it was fighting.

Or maybe you meant that, DS9 demonstrates that stark distinctions of good-vs-evil are simple-minded. In reality, you get either get tolerable-vs-evil or evil-vs-evil (the latter being the theme of Farscape).
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