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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

Dark Times got off to another great start with their arc. Right now, I got to say that Dark Times is the best of the Star Wars comics right now. I want to really like Knight Errant and Invasion, but they don't quite do it for me. Though I think Knight Errant is better than Invasion; if they just expand and show us more of this era, with more feuding Sith Lords I think Errant will be all right.

With Invasion, if they hadn't made Finn Galfridian such a Gary Stu I might like it better; I love the Yuuzhan Vong and I mainly buy this book just to look at their depictions.

As for the Old Republic books, they are a mixed bag, as is the Dark Side book (which I'm mainly reading because it's a Qui Gonn adventure).
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