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Re: The Federation Must Die.

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we see plenty of examples in Trek of planet-wide NATURAL disasters that the UFP refuses to intervene in out of allegiance to the PD.
Correction, we say that happen once in "Pen Pals".
And in the episode with Worf's adopted brother.

In fact, Starfleet's even gone out of it's way to help prevent disasters, like in "Paradise Syndrome".
That was the TOS Prime Drective.

OK, maybe I shouldn't have said "plenty," but that's at least two, and it's a monstrous enough policy. We can also assume it happens more frequently, but how many episodes of "the crew stands by and does nothing while millions die in natural disasters" could Trek and the audience have taken?

I was also lumping "dear doctor" in with this, but that's not quite fair since that was Archer acting on his own before a PD or the UFP. Though I'm sure Picard would've made some b.s. speech applauding Archer's decision had he been there.
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