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Re: The Federation Must Die.

I admit I over-exaggerated a bit on how the Federation must die. I meant that it needs to be "rebooted".

Rather than reply to everyone, I'm just going to answer a few of the general arguments.

About the Federation wanting people to join: While it wouldn't be wrong if they didn't try to force their morals on the members, they do. They also, as far as I know, take away the cultures ability to have its own military, leaving them under the protection of Starfleet (Quite possibly the most corrupt part of the Federation).

About the not interfering with internal affairs: If someone is committing genocide, do you just stand by and watch while millions, possibly billions, of innocent people are killed? Of course not. If you do, you cannot call yourself morally superior to others. Now I'm not saying its okay to interfere with every internal affair, but if its something like genocide then you should try and stop it.

I exaggerated about how they should die. But not about how corrupt they are.
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