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Re: Marvel to make a Doctor Strange movie?

Yeah Doc has had a slew of mini-series over the years and has been a main character on both volumes of "New Avengers" for the last five yeas but hasn't had his ongoing book in a long time. I think there was talk about JMS doing a "Doctor Strange" ongoing before he left to go to DC and after the mini-series he did but that went no where.

George Clooney would be interesting, James Callis if they wanted to do an origin film (which they most likely will do). I still think Patrick Dempsey is the best choice. I think he could handle the complexity of the role while bringing his own charm and charasmia to it as well. Plus he's been a TV Doctor before obviously and can bring that to the role.

I once postulated that Leo DiCaprio would be be an out of the box suggestion to play Stephen Strange after I saw him in "Inception". I think he'd be great, others didn't agree with me so much lol.
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