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Re: The Federation Must Die.

The other alien polities we see in Trek are far, far worse than anything the Federation does.

They think their way is the only way. That everybody should be like them.
So...they're just like everyone else except they don't go around conquering people? And this is bad?

They think their own morals are superior to everyone else's. And yet, they would stand by and watch someone commit genocide if it just so happens to be an "internal affair". How can you stand there and watch someone commit genocide and then call your morals superior to those of others?
Societies have the right to their own choices, no matter how boneheaded or horrific they may be. The Federation aren't the Galactic Police, they're a Sovereign nation.

I shouldn't even have to explain how wrong the Prime Directive is.
Leaving others to make their own mistakes, and hopefully learn from them instead of having "Big Brother" Federation baby them their whole lives?

Then there is the fact that they want to "assimilate" everyone into the Federation. They wanted to do this with the Bajorans, and probably every other race in the Quadrant. Michael Eddington makes a very interesting and very true point in "For the Cause" (DS9)
Eddington was a delusional nut who needed to demonize the Federation to justify his own actions, the Feds are NOT the Borg. Do the Feds go around destroying entire civilizations, raping folks into mindless mutilated zombies? No? Then STFU about them being like the Borg.
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