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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

100. Bonnie and Clyde (A-)

On August 3rd I hit 100 films for the year; last year it took me until December 31st to do that. Spending six months unemployed means lots of spare time.

One of the more famous films of the late 1960s, credited with revolutionizing Hollywood (supposedly, Jack Warner's inability to stop it from being made signalled the degree to which his influence had declined). The violence and sex is rather banal by today's standards, of course (primetime TV can do as much), but it's still raucous fun to watch. Faye Dunaway, in particular, is great as Bonnie. I wasn't feeling Warren Beatty as Clyde quite as much; the youngish Gene Hackman was good in his supporting role. I admit I had a hard time taking Gene Wilder's appearance at all seriously.

Also rewatched The Social Network tonight with friends (seems we're going to be making a thing out of Thursday movie night), since one of them hadn't seen it. Still a very strong drama, though I still have reservations about some of Sorkin's writing choices. Great showcase for some rising young stars, especially.
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