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Re: Marisa Tomei: Babe of the week #31 (Aug. 2011)

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Hint for the next BOTW (don't answer if you know):

Far beyond the world I've known, far beyond my time
What am I, who am I, what will I be
Where am I going and what will I see
Searching my mind for some truth to reveal
What thoughts are fantasy, what memories real

Long before this life of mine, long before this time
What was there, who cared to make it begin
Is it forever or will it all end
Searching my past for the things that I've seen
Is it my life or just something I dreamed
Very easy hint for some of us old-timers.
D'OH! I just got it. 'Cause I was just watching it.
There are some awfully cute pictures of her when she was very young.

You're probably not aware of it, but there is an ironic controversy in your second statement.
Beware the army that marches carrying the Chihuahua before it!
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