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Re: Marvel to make a Doctor Strange movie?

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I'd love to see a Doc Strange movie done well. He's always been one of my faves.

As for the actor, how about that guy who played Baltar on nuBSG and Doctor Old Spice on Eureka?
You mean James Callis? He isn't conventionally handsome enough to play a lead superhero. But a villain or second banana would be perfect for him, assuming he's high profile enough to be considered for such a role, which he probably isn't.
That's the guy. I don't think Doc Strange was ever conventionally handsome. He was exotic and aloof and a bit condescending, as well as of indeterminate-but-not-young age.
The comics art definitely depicts him as pretty conventionally handsome - square jaw, nice cheekbones, regular features, striking blue eyes - he sure aint' Quasimodo!

And he's also exotic, aloof, condescending and looks like he must be in his 40s. But what does any of that have to do with him being conventionally handsome?

Anyway, Callis is a TV actor and doesn't have the public awareness to be offered the role.
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